Spectacular Visiting in Beijing

Luosongyuan Hotel is also is courtyard hotel, is located at center of Beijing, and is the ideal hotel choice for guests.


2 Days Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)

Price From: US$ 118( 750 CNY )

Badaling Great WallDay 1: Beijing (L)
1. On arrival in Beijing, you will be met by our tour guide and directly have an excursion from Beijing airport to Badaling Great Wall. Sightseeing on Great Wall Badaling section for about 2 hours. On the way to Badaling Great Wall, a short visit of Jade Carving Factory. It was not only the excellent skill on carving, but also mixes many Chinese traditional cultures in the jade carving.
- Badaling Great Wall: The most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall.
2. Drive you to downtown Beijing and have an outside view of Olympic Stadium. Then transfer you to the hotel and free for the rest of the day.

Temple of HeavenDay 2: Beijing (B, L)
1. After breakfast pick you up from hotel on departure time, and then driving to the Tiananmen Square and visit Forbidden City (including the Exhibition of Treasures).
- Tiananmen Square: The largest public square in the world with a total area of 440,000 square meters.
- Forbidden City: The best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.
2. After lunch visit the Temple of Heaven. Then transfer you to Beijing airport or railway station and see off.
- Temple of Heaven: The largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China.

Detail Itinerary

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Imperial Architecture Visiting

Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing is located at Kuanjie Banchang Hutong in center of Beijing, with characteristic rooms and decorations, is convenient to some world famous attractions in Beijing downtown.

Forbidden CityThe closest one is the Forbidden City, also known as the Imperial Palace, is the home to 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasty, built by the third emperor in Ming Dynasty who moved capital from Nanjing to Beijing. Forbidden City is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world. Covering an area of 720,000 square meters, it is divided into two parts including Outer Court for working and Inner Court for living. In terms of Forbidden City culture, it is the national culture actually. It was rebuilt to be the museum, named Palace Museum, for collecting various treasures of royal China and some private collections of emperors and displaying them to visitors to increase the chance to know more about China.

Summer PalaceThen the Summer Palace is the most well-preserved imperial garden in China, greatly influence the Chinese horticulture. Summer Palace collects the traditional landscape architecture art great achievements and borrows the surrounding environment. It not only contains the gorgeous imperial garden momentum, but also is full of natural interests. The Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake constitute the basic frame of the Summer Palace and they are the main spots in Summer Palace. The Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake cover 2.97 square kilometers including three fourths water area. There are more than 20 small and large yards, more than hundred architectures and more than 3000 ancient rooms, more than 1600 famous and ancient trees. The long corridor, Suzhou Street, Seventeen Holes Bridge, big stage and Stone Boat are all known to tourists

Temple of HeavenTemple of Heaven is the largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China. Covering an area of 273 hectares, it is four times larger than Forbidden City, including the inner and outer altars. The main architectures Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, the Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar are in the south-north axle, they are separated by walls which is square in south and circle in north, symbolize the square land and circle heaven.

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Beihai Park – Lotus Gathering Park

Located at Banchang Lane Kuanjie, Dongcheng District, Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing is a typical Chinese style hotel with Chinese quadrangles, is close to Beihai Park, Forbidden City, etc, is the ideal hotel for tourists who want to experience the real local life in Beijing.

Beihai Park

1 Day Tour: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace from US$ 52/pax

2 Day Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel) from US$ 118/pax

Splendid 3 Days Beijing Coach Tour Package – Soul of Beijing from US$ 80/pax

4 Days Classic Beijing Coach Tour Package – Ancient Taste of Beijing from US$ 77/pax

Beihai Park is located at center of Beijing, west of Jingshan Mountain, northwest of Forbidden City, and shares the name of Three Seas with Zhonghai and Nanhai in Beijing city center. It was originally the detached palace of Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasties, and the imperial garden of Ming and Qing Dynasties, is one of the oldest, most complete, comprehensive and representative imperial gardens of existing in China. Beihai Park inherits the tradition of building garden from generations of China, gathers the various characteristics of building gardens, combines the grand temperament of north gardens and the graceful and restrained qualities of south gardens, mixes the gorgeous imperial palace into the solemn religion temples, is the treasure of Chinese garden art. The layout of the whole park accords to the myth of China with unique form and rich strong fantasy color artistic conception. Covering an area of 69 hectares, Beihai Park is composed of Qionghua Island, East Shore Scenic Spot and North Shore Scenic Spot. Every August, , Beihai Park will hold the Festival of Lotus, including various theme flowers exhibitions in south square of Beihai Park, west and east squares of Qionghua Island. Also, you can kill the summer heat in this beautiful park.

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Routes Including Lama Temple

Lama TempleDuring the long history, Buddhism has developed very popular in China. For most people, the traditional Buddhism is Indian Buddhism. However, Tibetan Buddhism is also the other kind of Buddhism which is popular in Tibet area. In Beijing, there is a largest lamasery named as Lama Temple, is one of the famous attractions of Beijing, included in various Beijing tours such as 1 Day Private Tour: Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda House & Olympic Stadiums.

Lama Temple, located at Yognhegong Street, also known as Yonghegong, which was the former residence of Emperor Yongzheng who is the third emperor in Qing Dynasty. Different with temples of traditional Indian Buddhism popular in China, Lama Temple was built with bright characteristic of Tibetan Buddhism and is the largest and best preserved lamasery in Beijing. Easily to Lama Temple, Lusongyuan Hotel, located at Banchang Hutong, Kuan Street, Beijing, which is a traditional hotel with courtyard style. With comfortable living environment, Lusongyuan Hotel is ideal choice for shopping, night tour and many entertainments in Beijing.

With the superior geographic location, Lama Temple is close to various hutong of Beijing. Hutong is the local residence form, among of which include many former residences of celebrities in China. Visiting Hutong, you can enjoy the ways of biking or walking, and they are all the best ways to enjoy the narrow and zigzag hutongs. Booking 1 Day Hutong Tour & Lama Temple (Walking & Biking), you can enjoy the famous Lama Temple and the popular hutong tour in one day.

In China, there is one kind of animal that only existed in China, which is Panda. Besides these most famous attractions of Beijing, Panda Zoo in Beijing Zoo is an interesting place for tourists who have never seen pandas. Pandas are very lovely with their black and white feather and charmingly naïve. If you see them, you must fall in love with them like me. Would you like to visit them? Just through 1 Day Tour: Panda Zoo, Lama Temple, Hutong!

Beside Lama Temple, Beijing is famous for many other attractions. No matter which route including Lama Temple, you will have good chance to visit many other attractions of Beijing during this tour. In addition, booking any tour online, you will enjoy the accompanied unbeatable service and competitive price!

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Beihai Park

Beihai ParkBeijing has lots of interesting and famous tourist attractions that attract lots of foreigners from all round the world. If you want to visit Beijing in your next holiday, it is your right choice. Here I will recommend you the hotel that might you will like. It is located in the center of Beijing’s city and close to many attractions. Lusongyuan Hotel will be the right choice that you pick. Lusongyuan Hotel located in the Beijing traditional courtyard close to the famous tourist attractions in Beijing such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Houhai Bar Street, Nanluoguxiang Pedestrian Street, Beihai Park and other attractions. Lots of guests of Lusongyuan Hotel will visit those attractions during their holiday. Lusongyuan Hotel is a 3 star hotel that offer the great environment and good service of hotel. Because of unique environment of Lusongyuan Hotel, lots of foreigners will choice to stay in this hotel during their holiday. The guests of Lusongyuan Hotel will enjoy and experience the local people life culture.

One the most attractive attractions located not far from Lusongyuan Hotel is Beihai Park. Beihai Park has an area of more than 69 hectares with a lake that covers more than half of the entire Park. Beihai, Zhonghai and Nanhai are called the Three Seas. Beihai Park used to be the former palace of the emperors in successive dynasties, called the Winter Palace by Westerners.

Beihai Park is the number one in the most beautiful three seas in Beijing. The park is also the oldest and most unique preserved imperial gardens in China. Lots of guests Lusongyuan Hotel will visit Beihai Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park on their spare time in Beijing. Inside this park called Qionghua Island, there also has a White Dagoba, an onion-shaped shrine pagoda in Tibetan style, was erected in honor of the fifth Dalai Lama’s visit to Beijing in 1651. Qionghua Island is also known as the main part of the whole park. The visitors can climb up to the top of the hill and enjoy the scenery around from above. The guests of Lusongyuan Hotel will enjoy some fresh air and this place also will become the ideal place to escape from your daily business. It will be the perfect holiday for you. If you want to enjoy Beijing’s local people life style, you can also visit Houhai Bar Street and Hutong. Welcome to Lusongyuan Hotel and hope you will enjoy your holiday in Beijing.

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Lusongyuan Hotel

Lusongyuan HotelBeijing, as the capital of China attracts lots of tourists to come and visit Beijing’s famous attractions during their holiday. Beijing attractions become more and more popular around the world. When you are want to visit Beijing, of course the good hotel that you want to search for your holiday. A right hotel with comfortable environment and convenient transportation will make your Beijing tour much easier.  Lusongyuan Hotel, a three-star hotel, which located in the Beijing traditional courtyard close to the famous tourist attractions in Beijing such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Nanluoguxiang pedestrian street, Beihai Park and other attractions.  It takes 30 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport (24km) and 10 minutes from Beijing Railway Station (6km). Lusongyuan Hotel was built in 1980, and partial renovation in 2007, have about 30 years history. It situated at the centre of the ancient city, in an old styled “hutong” (Mongolian for water well) in the eastern part of the city. Beijing Lu Song Yuan Hotel provides an artistic ancient way of life for you to experience the traditional Beijing customs.

Lusongyuan Hotel have 1 Restaurant which will provides both Chinese food and Western food. The hotel also have bar can provide coffee and beer. Lusongyuan Hotel also provides lots of other facilities for guests convenient for example, the lobby lounge, study room, open area for Tai-Chi, chess playing, tea room, business centre, free parking, pick-up service, front valuables safe, full-time porter, laundry, postal service, Wake-up Service, baggage storage service, and others facilities. Lusongyuan Hotel also provides the ticket service or tour desk, for the guests who want to travel around Beijing, they can arrange their trip with the hotel staffs help. The staffs are also speak English and will give their best service for fulfill the guest needs.

In total Lusongyuan Hotel have 58 guest rooms with the traditional architecture of Chinese life style. With the different types of rooms for example Standard Rooms, Special Rooms, Suites, etc. It can meet the personal demands of different guests. Lusongyuan Hotel is nominated as “the most distinctive courtyard” in 2009 by Beijing Tourism Industry Association. Lusongyuan Hotel will be the ideal places for you to travel in Beijing. The tourists will feel the ancient Chinese life style there, the real China. Lusongyuan Hotel also has the strategic location with convenient transportation to visit lots of famous tourist attractions which located close to the hotel. What are you waiting for, Lusongyuan Hotel welcome your arrival.


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NanluoguxiangNanluoguxiang is located at Dianmen East Street of Dongcheng District, and close to Lu Song Yuan Hotel. Lu Song Yuan Hotel, a 3-star old-styled hotel, is located in the city center of Beijing. Nanluoguxiang is one the oldest streets in Beijing, has well-protected sihe courtyard, lies in 25 planned protected areas.

The first is South Luogu Lane which is located in Dongcheng District of Beijing. Nanluoguxiang near Lu Song Yuan Hotel is the must-see place for foreign tourists in Lu Song Yuan Hotel. In recent years, it becomes the hot point in various fashion magazines. And many teleplay choose here as scenes. In fact, Nanluoguxiang is the wealth area with many residences of famous and rich people from Ming and Qing dynasty. From general in Ming Dynasty to prince in Qing Dynasty, from Beiyang Government to the Kuomintang and from master in literature to great master in art, every hutong leaves the historical trace in Nanluoguxiang.

The Nanluoguxiang near Lu Song Yuan Hotel is also a famous wine bar street with various characteristic bars for tourists including guests in Lu Song Yuan Hotel. Different with Sanlitun and Houhai Bar Streets, Nanluoguxiang is quiet, harmony and nature. Sitting in flourishing area, Nanluoguxiang is far away the noisy of city and keeps its quiet. If you have time in Lu Song Yuan Hotel, you can sit in the bar in Nanluoguxiang to enjoy its unique quiet. Without hot music and crazy people, you will feel that special culture atmosphere in Nanluoguxiang.

Some people say that the Nanluoguxiang near Lu Song Yuan Hotel is green. It is not only refers to natural color, but also the cultural connotation. It is also famous for different characteristic snacks shops. The most interesting is the names of these shops are very strange, if you know about Chinese writing, you will be addicted into these funny names.


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Beijing Sihe Courtyard

Sihe YardDo you want to know the old Beijing culture? Staying in the Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing in old Beijing area will let you know more ancient Chinese culture there especially the famous Beijing quadrangle courtyard culture.

From Yuan Dynasty, the quadrangle courtyard formed together with the Beijing palace, official house, street, alley and hutong. Beijing quadrangle courtyard is one style of the quadrangle courtyards styles in China. Around the yard, there are houses.

The quadrangle courtyard is famous for its special characteristics. They are the typical representatives in Chinese traditional residences. Guests in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing can experience the famous Beijing Sihe Courtyard there.

Beijing quadrangle courtyard is spacious and independent. The houses are linked by the corridors and it is convenient for living. In middle of the courtyard, there is the spacious yard. Citizens usually plant cherry-apple tree and feed fishes there. It is an ideal outdoor place. The quadrangle courtyard is a closed residence and there is only a dtreet door there. The quadrangle courtyard is the carrier of Chinese traditional culture. Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing is one of the carriers.

Located near Beijing houhai area, it is very convenient for tourists in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing to feel the traditional Beijing hutong culture there. You can enjoy a wonderful night near the Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing in houhai area.

Do you want to have an experience in the old Beijing area? Choose the Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing in your Beijing tour. Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing is a special hotel with good service and environment. You will experience more about the old Beijing culture in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing.

Booking the Beijing hotel on our site, you will get the best Beijing travel service with experienced guide, driver and good service in hotel. You will also have an unforgettable Beijing travel holiday. Have a good trip!

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Coal Hill Park

Coal Hill ParkLu Song Yuan Hotel, a 3-star old-style hotel, lies in the center of Beijing. With its superior geographic location and traditional architecture style, Lu Song Yuan Hotel receives large number of tourists come from all over the world.

Coal Hill Park also lies in center of Beijing, north of Forbidden City and south of Lu Song Yuan Hotel. Coal Hill Park sits at the center point of north to south axile wire in ancient Beijing. Coal Hill Park used to be a private garden of the imperial family. When the Imperial Palace was built in the early of Ming Dynasty, the earth excavated to make the most was piled up and five peaks took shape. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was regarded as the Dominating Hill, a symbol of stability of the feudal rulers. There are five pavilions were built on the ridges later, from east to west they are: Wonderful View Pavilion, Surrounding View Pavilion, Everlasting Spring Pavilion, Panoramic View Pavilion and Harmonious Fragrance Pavilion. From the top of hill, tourists can have a bird-eye view of Beijing city.

Coal Hill Park opened to public in 1928. After reformation, Coal Hill Park reopened in 1949 and named it as Jingshan Park. There are over 1000 old Songbai trees, peony and other flowers in Jingshan Park. In recent years, Jigshan Park near Lu Song Yuan Hotel holds display of peony, lotus and chrysanthemum each year under the policy of building park with culture. All these displays attract tourists in Lu Song Yuan Hotel from all over the world with bright colors, elegant environment, strong cultural atmosphere and vivid characters. The display of Big Buddha was praised by tourists most in Lu Song Yuan Hotel in 1998. It is about 2 million tourists visit Jingshan Park every year especially in autumn.

Living in Lu Song Yuan Hotel, you can enjoy the old atmosphere in Jingshan Park near Lu Song Yuan Hotel. The Gingko Yard, Cherry-apple Yard, Peony Yard, Peach Yard, Apple Yard, Grape Yard and Persimmon Forest were set at here successively. The park faces south, covers an area of 230 thousand square meters, and is surrounded by red wall and yellow watts. The flower and grassland cover area of 1100 square meters. The main constructions of Jingshan are three park doors, Yiwanglou for sacrificing Confucius and five peak kiosks.

Jingshan Park is near Lu Song Yuan Hotel also a good place for singing. What they sing are not only Chinese folk songs, revolutionary songs, but also foreign songs such as European operas and pop music. The Jingshan Choir Festival is held in every year from 2004 by the government of Xicheng District. Around Lu Song Yuan Hotel, Jingshan Park is an ideal place to relax and leisure.

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Beijing Poly Art Museum

Beijing Poly Art MuseumThe travel season in Beijing is coming. Have you prepared it already? Traveling in Beijing, the first thing is to find a convenient and comfortable hotel. Having a good rest, you can also have a good time in Beijing. Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing is one of them. Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing is a good choice for you.

 Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing, a three-star hotel, is located in the heart Of Beijing, Banchang Lane, Kuanjie of Dongcheng District, and close to Beijing Poly Art Museum. The guests in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing enjoy fast and easy access to all of Beijing’s major attractions. Beijing Poly Art Museum has a long bystreet behind the hotel. The native people live in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing and enjoy the wonderful life. The yard of Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing is filled with various plants and flowers. Guests can enjoy different views with four seasons in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing.

Poly Art Museum is located in southwest corner of Dongsishitiao Overpass and belongs to Poly Group. It is good for visitors in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing. Approved by cultural relic competent departments in China and Beijing in 1998, Poly Art Museum near Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing went into operation formally in 1999. It is the first art museum set up by major industry belongs to state in China. There are more than 100 bronze wares, stone inscriptions and paintings. Poly Art Museum near Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing aims to develop Chinese traditional cultural art, rescue and protect the cultural relics in foreign and advance enterprise cultural construction. It has two parts of exhibition: bronze and stone carvings. Most of the exhibits have been retrieved from abroad, and a considerable part has especially high historical and artistic value as they are quintessence or the only existing versions. The “Chinese Ancient Bronze Art Exhibition” displays more than 100 pieces (groups) of excellent bronzes that present the development and charm of China’ s ancient bronze civilization. The “Chinese Ancient Stone Carvings Exhibition” displays more than 40 exquisite stone carvings from the fifth to eighth century, a peak period of China’ s Buddhist art. Living in Lusongyuan Hotel Beijing, you can enjoy them easily. Now the Poly Art Museum is regarded in China and abroad as one of the best known museums in the Chinese mainland.

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